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  • Design of furniture manufactured and sold are exclusively copyright by eumöbel.
  • If any person illegally or by unauthorised means tries to use the similar trademark or any other intellectual property owned by eumöbel then in accordance with law such person or entity will be held liable and will be subject to legal actions that may entail criminal and or civil proceedings within the competent courts.
2. Services
  • The products and services purchased by eumöbel shall be abide by the Terms of Use.
  • This platform enables the Sale and Purchase of goods and services by third party vendors/ service providers.
3. Eligibility
  • Services are available to one who is above the age of 18 and is competent to enter into a legally binding contract under the provisions mentioned in the Indian Contract Act 1952.
  • If you are residing outside India then the sole responsibility of being eligible for entering into a contract will lie with you. If you do not agree with the above terms then you are not permitted to avail of the services.
  • User Agreement shall be effective and binding only when the registered user will accept it.
  • You agree that eumöbel, in any case, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or incidental damages, which in any way is connected with the use of the website or is connected with the delay or inability to use the website or any other information.
  • Apart from the interface provided by eumöbel, you agree that you will not attempt to access the website or the material of the website by any other means.
  • While using the website you will agree that you will not try to omit, modify, delete, or misrepresent any information.
  • You will not engage in any activities that by chance misrepresent an affiliation with any person or entity.
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  • You agree that you are entirely responsible for your own communications and actions and will not post any content that violates any party’s trade secret, trademark, copyrights, patent, and other proprietary rights and will not use any materials without appropriate permission.
  • You agree to not post, transmits any worm, viruses, or any other destructive files and software’s that by any chance affect website credentials.
  • You do not have the right to disseminate or transmit under law, or contractual or fiduciary relationships.
4. Disclaimer
  • By using our services we will assume that the users have already read and carefully understood all the information on products and services as provided on the website and also have well understood the terms and conditions associated with it and are bound by it, and if you wish to not be bound by our services then please do not subscribe.
  • No user or visitor is allowed to copy, modify, reproduce any of the pictures, texts, or any other information from the website as it is the property of eumöbel and nobody is authorized for any such actions apart from eumöbel.
  • The product specifications mentioned are approximate and may vary a little in actuality from the picture.
  • eumöbel makes each and every effort to ensure that the content is accurate and well updated, but delays can take place due to website changes, any technical issues, stock availability that may create some inaccuracy in the content. In such cases, eumöbel held no responsibility for the inconvenience.         The merchandise sold will be based on a first come first served basis and till the stock is available, we do not guarantee you regarding the product present in our stock and alert you once the limited stock is left.
  • eumöbel Website does not hold any responsibility regarding the links to external or third-party websites, and also not be responsible for the content displayed on such sites. Any damages arising from any third-party websites shall have no linkage to eumöbel in any case.
  • eumöbel holds the right to make any changes that are deemed to think necessary within the site, related policies, privacy policy, and terms of use at any time.
5. Breach of Terms of Use
  • If any of the terms and conditions been violated then, eumöbel holds the right to terminate the access to the website.
  • Violation of any terms on your end will simply constitute unlawful and unfair and will be irreparable harm to eumöbel, and action will be taken that deemed necessary or appropriate from eumöbel ends.
  •  eumöbel will be entitled to recover from you and you agree to pay costs of such action, in addition to any other relief granted to eumöbel.
6. Termination of Terms and Conditions
  • Terms will be continued until terminated by eumöbel. If you do not wish to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned by eumöbel then you may choose not to access the website.
  • We will not be liable for any such termination to anyone ( customers and third party)
  • eumöbel at their own wish can terminate or suspend any terms and conditions with or without notice to anyone.
  • You breach any of the provisions of the Terms, the Privacy Policy, or any other terms, conditions, or policies that may be applicable to You;
  • In case the provision of the Services to you is, or becomes, unlawful or pursuant by Law.
  • The provision of the Services to you remains, no longer commercially viable.
  • In general or specifically, eumöbel can discontinue, with or without reason, access to the Website, the Services
  • Restrict access to all or portion of the offerings on the Website or with respect to the Services or any portion thereof;
  • Deletion of your materials and / or Account Information, including your personal information, log-in ID and password, and all related information, files, and materials associated with you or inside your Account (or any part thereof).

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