NEO mirrors

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NEO mirrors

A solution that will fit into any environment. And every environment will ennoble. Without imposing your style, but rather establishing a calm, visual dialogue. It is a proposal that will reflect the best features of your bathroom. Like in a mirror. Because it is indeed a mirror proposition ... A new range of universal mirrors - with a style so neutral that you can match them with any idea for your bathroom. And functionally refined - that you will want to do it as soon as possible. NEO mirrors - we present and invite you!

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Warranty : 24 Months
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NEO mirrors come in 2 varieties - one is simple panes finished with a perfectly matched chrome profile. This is a proposal for customers who expect simple but refined and refined solutions in a calm and visually modest way. The real innovation is the second NEO variant, in which the mirror pane is divided, and the dividing spaces are used to complete the mirrors with a wide selection of accessories. The freedom of arrangement, the ability to easily change the position of additional elements and their individual selection - all these elements will certainly give a new dimension to the functionality of your bathroom. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the innovative solution of NEO mirrors - all frequently used bathroom trinkets will be in the zone of our best reach - that is exactly where we need them.

NEO mirrors can also be completed with dedicated lighting in the form of an LED beam placed in the upper part of the mirror. Its bent profile allows for very good illumination of the face and reduction of shadows, and at the same time it does not dazzle during use. The beam is powered by the 230 / 12V transformer attached to it.

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