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Eridano corner sofa

Do you expect superior comfort from your lounge furniture? Experience the best quality relaxation with this premium corner sofa, the Eridano.

Eridano corner sofa: a touch of luxury for your living room

The living room is a place to unwind and relax in, as well as a hub for family get-togethers. This room requires suitable furnishings to provide these benefits in a refined visual package. If you are looking for upholstered furniture with a design lovable by even the most demanding enthusiasts of lounge settings, then the Eridano corner sofa is the best by far. This corner sofa is designed with a passion for elegance and modern styling. The classic L-shaped layout features modern solutions for the highest levels of comfort, featuring very stylish accents such as the metal legs in polished chrome. The spacious seating, ergonomically profiled backrest with adjustable headrests and a wide armrest all help you kindle your love for relaxing at home.

Eridano, a premium corner sofa: modern functionality

The Eridano corner sofa is made of first-class materials. It is about premium quality that excels in resistance to wear and tear. The premium features come from the careful selection of upholstery materials and robust seat stuffing, formed by continuous springs with T30 foam padding and a high quality HR foam finish for luxurious softness and resilience, all of which ensure proper support of the body. The Eridano corner sofa is functional. Measuring 275x202x90 cm, it provides plenty of space to relax during the day. An additional convenience is the pull-out drawer, converting the sofa into a 125x193 cm bed. With the bed folded away, you can easily keep the room and the sofa tidy with the handy bedlinen storage concealed in the tilt-open ottoman.

If you are looking for premium, modern furniture, then the Eridano corner sofa is sure to live up to you expectations, providing the next level of comfort.

Color :

  • On Request
Warranty : 24 Months
Delivery within 12 – 14 Weeks
  • Classic L-shaped corner sofa
  • High-gloss chromed metal legs
  • Wide seat cushions
  • Innovative HR foam stuffing
  • Profiled backrest with adjustable headrests
  • Wide armrest
  • Upholstered back
  • Easy unfolding of the sofa bed
  • Bedlinen storage in tilt-open ottoman
  • Wide selection of colour options
  • Corner sofa width: 275 cm
  • Corner sofa length: 202 cm
  • Height w/cushions: 90 cm
  • Height w/o cushions: 70 cm
  • Seat cushion depth: 60 cm
  • Mattress height: 43 cm
  • Sleeping surface: 125x193 cm
  • Armrest width: 25 cm
  • Leg height: 5 cm
  • Leg width: 18 cm
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