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Confidence and determination. Distinct edges of the solids, additionally emphasized by dynamic, diagonal accents, a definite geometry of the form. On the one hand - hard and clearly drawn, on the other - introducing order and simple rules to the interior. BRILLANT is synonymous with order, accuracy and precision. If you value these aspects, but also pay attention to proportions and fi cial details - BRYLANT is a collection for you.

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Bodies - moisture-resistant varnished chipboard, fronts - varnished moisture-resistant MDF. Handles milled in the fronts. Gloss varnish on the fronts and bodies.

Each under-wash cabinet has 2 drawers - the upper one with additional organization elements and the lower one without divisions. Plate drawer bodies on concealed runners with a soft-close system and full extension. Possibility to adjust the position of the drawer front in relation to the body.

Cabinets equipped with pendants with 3d suspension adjustment.

In all color variants, the bodies of this collection are available in white gloss.


The combination of 85 cm and 40 cm under-washbasin cabinets allows you to create a spacious set of furniture that can be combined with comfortable 125 cm washbasins; depending on the arrangement of the cabinets - with a bowl on the left or right side. The picture shows a variant with a left hand basin.

The 40 cm cabinet used in this composition, just like the 85 cm cabinet, is equipped with 2 plate drawers on covered runners with a soft-close system.


Similarly, the assembly of the under-wash cabinet on the right and the 40 cm cabinet on the left requires completion with the right-hand washbasin (the bowl on the right and the top surface on the left).


Bodies - moisture resistant varnished chipboard, fronts - varnished moisture resistant MDF. Gloss varnish on the fronts and bodies.

Universal door left / right with hinges with integrated soft-close and 3d adjustment. Changing the side of the door suspension by relocating the hinge guides and turning the door. The interior of the cabinets is equipped with 3 adjustable glass shelves. In the lower part of the cabinet, 2 drawers with plate bodies, fully extendable, on covered rails with a soft-close system.

Cabinet bodies equipped with 3d adjustable hangers.

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