Corner sofa with the daily sleeping function Agata

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Corner sofa with the daily sleeping function Agata

Who of us does not dream about being able to stretch your legs on a comfortable corner after a hard day? Or to be able to sit down in the evening with a wider group of friends without fear of slapping each other's elbows?

Agata's corner with the everyday sleeping function meets these expectations . A modern corner sofa will surely appeal to fans of extraordinary elegance in a truly Hollywood edition. The intriguing form will refresh the interior design and ensure a consistent style throughout the living room. The "U" type corner sofa guarantees a sense of comfort, convenience and relaxation both during a family holiday and during meetings with friends. This shape must be exposed in the interior!

A spacious corner will attract all members of the household. It will also be a great space for children to play - your children can build a house from the included cushions, while you will enjoy undisturbed relaxation in the other part of the furniture, while ensuring their safety.

The upholstered backrest is permanently attached. Adjustable armrests will make it easy to set the most comfortable support. In turn, the structure of the seat will positively influence the positioning of individual sections of the spine, providing you with healthy conditions for relaxation. When unfolded, the corner sofa with the sleeping function achieves an above-average sleeping area, providing you with everyday convenience and comfortable accommodation for your guests. Thanks to the two bedding containers, you will gain additional, discreet space for storing seasonal clothes and rarely used accessories.

Soft corner shapes are offered in original colors. A wide range of colors makes it easy to emphasize the qualities of your interior arrangement. In addition, the back covered with fabric gives you the ability to freely position the furniture - it will look very good even in the central part of the living room. The chrome front legs add a subtle charm, at the same time giving the arrangement a subtle modern look.

Thanks to the use of high-quality components, the fold-out corner will enjoy its reliability and durability for a long time.


  • length: 360 cm,
  • width: 160 cm,
  • height: 75 cm,
  • sleeping area: 360 x 130 cm,
  • container dimensions (two pieces):
  • length: 147 cm,
  • width: 73 cm,
  • height: 23 cm and
  • length: 147 cm,
  • width: 73 cm,
  • height: 23 cm


  • seat structure: wooden frame + corrugated spring + felt + foam T2844 (10cm) + oval,
  • backrest construction: wooden frame + rubber belt + T2844 foam (5cm) + ovate,
  • the corner is unfolded,
  • has a sleeping function,
  • corner type U,
  • two containers for bedding,
  • adjustable armrests,
  • set of pillows (3 small ones) - zippered,
  • upholstered backrest fixed permanently,
  • front chrome legs, rear black plastic,
  • free-standing corner (back covered with fabric)
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