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Warranty : 24 Months
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What's included in the price?

full wooden bed structure

solid headboard

"Fifth leg" strengthening the structure of the bed


6 colors of the furniture to choose from free of charge and white for an additional fee

a graphic assembly instruction for the furniture

8-year warranty

A great bed for the bedroom: A modern bed with an original and interesting design that will bring a breath of freshness to the bedroom and satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Argento High is a guarantee of a good night's sleep and a great mood every morning.

Comfort of use: Due to the high arrangement of the mattress, the Argento High bed will definitely facilitate getting up in the morning, which will become trouble-free and comfortable, and mites and dust will have a difficult access to the resting place. The modern and divided backrest will make the time of rest and relaxation more pleasant.

Extraordinary quality and durability for years: The bed is made of solid beech wood, connected on the so-called "finger joints". As a result, the piece of furniture does not have flaws and knots on the visible side. More about the wood used by the manufacturer can be found at the top in the "Color chart" tab. The frame is 2.5 cm thick, while the front and rear legs are 4 cm thick. The slightly sloping headboard is divided into two smaller ones. This solution allows you to lean back comfortably even in a sitting position. All Argento series furniture has rounded elements - vertical edges of the legs.

ATTENTION! The tolerance of +/- 3% applies to the above-mentioned dimensions of the furniture.

Technical Specifications:

We send the furniture in a disassembled state for independent, quick assembly based on the attached graphic instruction. The offer does not include the cabinet, frame and mattress.

Specification of the mattress frame:

This bed is available without a frame as standard. Suitable models for this bed can be found in our offer here --- >>> FRAMES

For this bed model, we recommend choosing a Visby STELLA double-density lamella frame or a Visby BORGE bent plywood frame . A frame with an increased number of slats, and thus a smaller distance between them, will provide proper support for the pocket mattress and extend its life.

Why is a good quality frame important? It is not only a support for the mattress. Its slats take the weight of the body, thanks to which the mattress is properly positioned during sleep. In addition, thanks to the frame, constant air flow and moisture removal are possible, which translates into a longer life of the mattress. Remember, even the best mattress placed on a poor-quality frame may lose its properties.

  • type of wood: beech
  • dimensions for the mattress - 120/140/160/180/200 cm x 200 cm
  • total width - mattress width + 5.5 cm + leg 8 cm
  • total length - 220 cm
  • total height - 86 cm
  • front height - 38 cm
  • width of the space for the mattress - width of the mattress + 0.5 cm
  • length of the mattress space - length of the mattress + 0.5 cm
  • depth of the mattress space - 13 cm
  • distance from the floor to the bottom of the supporting board - 13 cm
  • fifth leg - included
  • clearance between the floor and side board - 8 cm
  • clearance between the floor and the front board - 8 cm
  • side boards thickness - 2.5 cm
  • front boards thickness - 2.5 cm
Advantages of the bed:
  • made of natural and ecological beech wood
  • pine has electrostatic properties - reduced dust swirls
  • it will bring a cheerful mood into the bedroom
  • interesting and functional backrest
  • optimal dimensions
  • simple and quick assembly
  • strength and resistance to damage
  • recommended for young people
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