Payment & Security

1. Accounts and Registrations

Data that we may gather and process about you include:

  • Registering with eumöbel implies that you agreed for maintaining the confidentiality of your User ID and Password and will not share your details with others. You will be responsible for any activities done through your ID and password. You will provide true, correct, accurate, and complete information and if the information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, eumöbel has the right to terminate or suspend or block your access to your membership and will refuse to provide your access to the website.
  • You agree that your registered data is for the purpose of processing online purchases of products and services that may be offered by us from time to time.
  • You allowed eumöbel to contact you via email or by any other means for your order or alterations in your order or for any promotional purposes.
  • The shopping coupon you received in your mail shall be valid only for purchase of   home furniture, offer will be for our subscribed users.

2. Usage Rights

  • You have an access to this website with a well-connected internet equipment’s so as to ease your and transaction with us.
  • We hereby grants you a non –exclusive, freely revocable non- transferrable access to view, any product or any other materials available on the website,  subject to the following conditions You may have an access to use the materials or download and print the catalogue but solely for personal, informational, and internal purposes.
    • You may not alter any product catalogue or any other materials available on the website.
    • You may not try to remove, delete any text, copyright or any other notices of proprietary in any case from the catalogue or any other materials available on the website.
    • You may not use, download/ install any software from the website until and unless it is permitted by eumöbel.

3. Online Payments

  • 100% Advance payment is required to initiate all orders. No Cash on Delivery and EMI Finance option is available from our end.
  • Upon ordering your furniture from our website you accept/ deemed that you have place an order with eumöbel for the purchase of specified furniture. Our technology server will encrypt all your data including your name, address, credit card details and telephone numbers and will ensure 100 % safety in online transactions.
  • During the purchases made from the website you will be appropriately guided through a proper and channelized process right from starting to choose your furniture to confirmation of payment and delivery of furniture item.
  • eumöbel holds the sole right to refuse the process of transaction for any reason and to anyone at any time. eumöbel will not be liable to anyone or any third party to withdrawn any furniture from the website whether the furniture has been sold or not.