Kelly Sofa Bed
Kelly Sofa Bed

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The Kelly three-seater sofa is an ergonomic piece of furniture in both the day and night version. The timeless sofa is equipped with movable headrests and a leopard mechanism, thanks to which it transforms into a comfortable sleeping surface in the blink of an eye. Additional personalization options make this model available in many variants that differ in the type and color of the upholstery.

The massive Kelly sofa is stabilized by metal legs with a chrome finish, matching all possible upholstery. Moreover, they can refer to metal accents in the interior arrangement. If you choose leather upholstery, the sofa will have additional cuts in the material, which are a subtle decorative element.

The collection of modular furniture for the Kelly living room allows you to create an original lounge set, and personalization of the upholstery allows you to equip your apartment with a unique corner, armchair, pouffe and sofa.

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Warranty : 24 Months
Delivery within 12 – 14 Weeks
Sofa with sleeping function Kelly
Width 228
Depth 98
Height 101
Seat height 47
Seat depth 55
Sleeping area - width 138x195
Length -
Legs height 10
Movable headrest Yes
Ajustable backrest No
Movable headrest No
Combination of different fabrics No
Contrasting stitching No
Manual sleeping function Yes
Relax function No
Modular collection Yes
Storage No
Available in leather Yes
Legs height 10
Furniture weight 105
Construction of the backrest polyurethane foam / upholstery straps
Construction of the seat polyurethane foam / highly elastic foam / corrugated spring
Type of the wood in furniture conifer tree
Construction of the sleeping function corrugated spring / polyurethane foam
Type of backrest cushion filling -
Type of sleep function leopard
Number of seat 3
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