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The offices of the future focus on flexibility. There is a huge emphasis on shared rooms, informal meeting places, to provide employees with a more relaxed, less formal working atmosphere. They ensure a smarter approach to work, greater productivity and creativity, therefore offices need new spatial solutions. Teamwork skills are increasingly valued. Office work takes on a new face, interactions between employees, quality of work, commitment and creativity become important. When designing the VARIANT work system, we focused on making interactions and people more important than processes and tools. We believe that reacting to the dynamically changing business environment, and thus the constant exchange of knowledge and ideas, is of key importance. The office space should follow the dynamic work of the team, meet the needs of individual, team, creative and analytical work. The office as a flexible space for interaction, focus and meetings improves the productivity and commitment of employees. VARIANT offers agile work methodologies and creates an efficient work environment, not forgetting the employee who should feel comfortable at work.


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