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Refined and stimulating like Mocca

The Mocca collection is an amazing blend of sophisticated form, functionality and comfort, created so as to choose the perfect modules for your needs. Its style encourages you to rest with a cup of your favorite coffee.


What distinguishes the Mocca collection

Modular collection

Use ready-made elements and arrange them your way.

Original finishes

Bet on modern black chrome metal legs.

Adjustable headrests

Take a comfortable position no matter what you do.

Comfortable rest

When creating the Mocca collection, we focused on a holistic approach to the pleasure that comes from undisturbed rest. Comfortable, soft seats, adjustable headrests and electric relaxation function will allow you to enjoy the longed-for moment of free time.

Functionality supported by design

We know that your living room often functions as a study, so we have made every effort to ensure that, if necessary, furniture from the Mocca collection will serve as a comfortable place to work. We have combined modern and light design with comfort, adjusting the headrest adjustment to your needs.

We require incredible ergonomics from furniture, which is why we have equipped some of the collection modules with the sleeping function. This solution will surely appeal to your guests who will feel as good as in their own bed.

Mocca is a recipe for… perfect rest

The Mocca collection is distinguished by its elegant design that will work in many spaces. Sophisticated form, comfortable armrests and a simple line are a recipe for a perfect rest.

Mocca is a modular collection that you can create yourself using ready-made elements. Armchairs, sofas, corner sofas or pouffes - all these pieces of furniture can furnish your apartment, creating it unique.


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